Private exhibitions:
-Cairo Atelier,1992 , Egypt.
-Jeddah Atelier for Artists,1994 , Saudi Arabia.
-Redda Art Gallery, 1996, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
-Darat al Funoun, 1997, Kuwait.
-Hanager Art Centre, Cairo Opera Grounds, 1999, Egypt.
-Jeddah Atelier for Artists, 2000 , Saudi Arabia.
- The 11th Artists Exhibition sponsored by the Ministry of Culture in Egypt, Opera Grounds, Cairo, Egypt, 2002

Collective exhibitions:
- Collective exhibition for the "Saudi Women Artists", Saudi Art Centre, 1993.
- Dr. Al - Radwi's Art Gallery, Jeddah, 1993.
- "The 11th collective exhibition Western Province Artists", Saudi Art Centre, Jeddah, 1993.
- An exhibition for the Holiday Inn's10th anniversary, Jeddah, 1994.
- Al Yammamah Institute's exhibition, Riyadh, 1994.
- "Hangings", an exhibition welcoming Nelson Mandela's visit to the Kingdom, Khidr gallery, Jeddah, 1994.

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