Born in Jeddah, KSA in 1958, Raeda Ashour is specialized in miniatures, motifs and Islamic decorative units, adapting them in modern interpretation to be palatable to contemporary taste, the result of which are harmonious of variance in surface treatment, some were embossed celebrated with beautiful soft colors that pleases the eye.
The journey in celebrating heritage is ever so evident in all old and most recent artworks produced by Ashour. The architectural elements and depicted detail reveal a strong and confident visualization and realization of aesthetic components known to be prevalent in the Islamic art and ornamentation. Ashour has found herself when first inspired by the old Arabian cities with its famous architectural and aesthetic features.
She became passionate and obsessed by the beauty of the area. The more she delved into the subject, the more she became engrossed in its details and felt more connected and proud of her own roots and heritage. Ashour continues her artistic journey in researching and analyzing different cultures that came across or lived parallel to Islamic arts and eastern trends and styles. Her aim is to find aesthetic compositions and elements that she can be inspired by, emphasize and reinterpret in her own style that makes her art unique and distinctive, as well as celebrate the art of these cultures of different ethnic backgrounds nonetheless respected worldwide. 
Obtaining BA in Middle East Studies from The American University in Cairo (AUC) in 1981 and Master of Arts in Art Education from Rushmore University in 2007. She showcased her artworks in numerous galleries and festivals, such as “The Ultimate Journey” at Dolmabahce Gallery (Istanbul, 2012), the Saudi Cultural Week in Russia (2007), the Saudi Women Artists’ Exhibition at UNESCO-Beirut (2001) & the Iranian Islamic Biennial (Tehran 2001). She also held solo exhibitions across the region, including: Jeddah Atelier for Artists (2000), Dar Al Funoon (Kuwait, 1997) & Cairo Atelier (Egypt,1992).
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